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Friday, 28-Nov-2008 02:25 Email | Share | | Bookmark
aN eXpreSs oUtinG

teruja amats
figuring out mcm mana nak carry that 6kg ball
mama E&D striked, yeahhh!
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E&D wanted to try something new for an outing. So, after giving a thought, we, the adults decided to give them bowling lesson at Alamanda... ... the two tots were really frusrated over the heavy 6kg ball.. but the adults were actually enjoying themselves...

Friday, 1-Aug-2008 02:01 Email | Share | | Bookmark
gOoD LUcK!

eiman, assistant c.m with adam his class monitor
eiman, adam and faris
'ayom' is dzahin's hero
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this coming sunday 3/8/08 eiman will have his first TGE (taekwando grading examination) at 3pm. his Sir is quite confident that eiman will be upgraded from GUP 10 (white) to GUP 9(yellow tip). but as for me and my hubby, looking at eiman, spinning around half like batman and the other half like spiderman with his spider web, boleh lepas ke? stunt ben-10 pun ada ni.. .. we do have high hope, he's been working hard. apa2 pun mama & papa doakan along buat yg terbaik wokeyh..

Tuesday, 15-Jul-2008 01:38 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Night at Putrajaya

same o same o wachaa
nice shot
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papa EDs took them to their favourite taman, (mind you, at 9pm, eiman was still in his school uniform? & dzahin with his 3/4 shorts?.. mmm..), in front of putrajaya mosque. at this moment of time, i was resting in room 2, ward 2a, putraja hospital, a 3d/2n stay... i was scheduled for my ERPOC there. 2 nights sleep without my two boys?.. 1st time in my life, no wake up call at 2am from dzahin.. mmg heaven.. i slept, slept and slept. and my 2 boys? they were thrilled to visit their mother at the hospital...

Thursday, 17-Apr-2008 03:05 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Hari Sukan Sekolah Eiman

the marching
kanan kiri kanan
reciting lagus & doas
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It's been a while.. we, I mean I've been busy with everything & what-not... and I'm feeling guilty for not posting pictures of my kids even when I have space to post here.... .. Eiman, who is now 7 yrs old, goes to school at 7.45am with his mama & sometimes with his papa, and comes back home at 4.15pm by bus... (tempias Geng Bas Sekolah).. ahaksss.. neway, he enjoys his hectic schedule, no complains. As for Dzahin, genap 2 yrs old this 2/5/08.. goes to a nursery nearby our house, doesnt seem to like it, but he cant afford to say NO WAN (dont want) or NAK NAK (as for TAK NAK).. huhuhu.. Menangis air mata berdarah sekalipun he has to be there from 7.45am to earliest at 5.30pm or onwards, depends on whatever time Eiman finishes his KUMON. Oh yess.. Dzahin is singing now, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR is his favourite. I think deep down inside, he knows one day he'll be a SHINING STAR just like his big brother.. ..

Saturday, 28-Oct-2006 04:30 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Sana Sini Raya

layan bwg merah & bwg putih
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Pichas taken sekitar-kitar raya in Kg Nara...

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